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Our Purpose

The Greater Hagerstown Committee (GHC), a 501c(3) corporate body, was established in 1987 to bring stakeholders and community leaders together to discuss broad issues of importance in the region. While much of GHC’s focus has centered in Washington County, MD, our region extends along the I-­‐81 corridor south to Jefferson Co. and Berkeley Co., West Virginia; and north to Franklin Co. and Fulton Co., Pennsylvania. Since its inception, GHC has served as a community catalyst — recruiting the people, gathering the information, identifying the resources, and crafting the conversation necessary to advance initiatives that make our region a better place to live, work, and play.

The Committee strives to cooperate with and assist governmental bodies and community organizations to achieve existing goals and objectives, or to identify new ones. In addition, it provides a vehicle for it’s members and invited stakeholders to take a broad view of our region, become educated on regionally significant issues, and craft visions for improving the quality of life in our community.

The Committee does not exist to undertake any particular project and does not seek recognition for its work. Instead, it serves as a catalyst to identify and support community partners and public entities as they undertake these projects.

GHC’s success is derived from its members, the community forums they create, and network they've established to discuss, debate, and ultimately impact vital issues. Individually and together, GHC members are active in our community, stay abreast of current affairs, and understand the paths of influence necessary for change. This allows GHC to intervene at a strategic point and leverage the strengths of its members to affect, motivate, and influence positive change for our region.