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Message from the Chairman

The Greater Hagerstown Committee (GHC) serves a unique role as a civic organization.  It isn’t so much the organization but rather the individual members united together who serve as a catalyst for conversation and a driver of change in our region.  Our membership is diverse and includes individuals from the business community, government sector, social service agencies, and education and cultural institutions.  Meeting monthly, we engage in dialog about various issues that affect the quality of life in Washington County and our region.  Our goal is to help improve the overall economic success of Hagerstown, Washington County and the surrounding region. 

As an organization, our membership has made a conscious effort to focus on improving the educational attainment level of our community a top priority for economic growth.  With a number of initiatives already underway to assist us in improving our educational scorecard, our goal will be to focus on the next critical steps to drive these projects forward.  Generating community support by changing the conversation will be key and in order for that to happen we will need the full engagement of our membership.  

For 2015-2017, another top priority we want the organization to focus on will be that of attracting high skill, high wage jobs to our area.  In order for us to build a strong and sustainable future for our community, we need not only a well-educated workforce but we need the types of jobs that will attract and keep a more highly educated workforce.  By focusing on attracting high skill, high wage jobs, we will reduce unemployment, promote stable jobs, and create career ladders and diversified job opportunities for a new generation of workers. 

We believe that a well-educated community where high paying jobs and a vibrant, active urban core exist will help attract young professionals and new employers to our region. The result will be an improved quality of life for all of our citizens. Explore our web page under “Selected Past Accomplishments” and “Publications” for representative details of projects and research assembled by GHC Forums and Task Forces. 

In closing, I hope you see by the activities discussed above and the work listed in our report, the dedication of the Greater Hagerstown Committee to the improvement  of Hagerstown, Washington County and the surrounding region.  For over a quarter of a century, our members have worked to become informed community citizens seeking to assist in any way the goals we establish together. 

W. Christopher Motz

GHC Chairman 2015-2017